Why do I need to verify my email for membership?

  • The reason why you need to verify your mail address is one of the simple security methods to ensure you are not being ‘spoofed’ by someone that is not you trying to pretend to be you.
  • Also, the measure gives me a ‘heads up’ that your are joining the site and I can review your info to be sure you should be a member of our family website.
  • If I did not require this email verification step in the membership sign up process, someone could become a member and start using the website, communicating, view other private member profiles, etc. before I realize whether they are a legitimate family member or not and block them off or not.



Why does the website slow down from 3 am – 6 am EST?

Daily ‘full site’ backups are running from 3 am – 6 am EST everyday. This site is huge! It takes a lot of processing power just to run it but then it takes even more to collect the 1.1 GBs, with all of the databases, settings and code. Then compress it and store it in the cloud. 

As I continue to improve things I will do my best to stream-line the code, media and tweak the server settings for improved performance. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding during those early morning hours!



Who is moderating this website?

Dan Lennon | Vero Beach @admin is the only moderator at this time. I welcome a few more people to help with this role. If you are willing to help, please message me @admin asap! 



Is this site safe for my kids?

Yes! This website is designed to be a safe place for ALL of our family members! Site rating is ‘G’ for ALL ages!

  • There are plenty of other places on the internet for ‘other than’ rated G content. This is going to remain appropriate for all of our family members (very young and older!) 


Can I schedule or edit an Event?


  1. 1st Add the ‘Event Manager’ level to your membership.
  2. Then you will have the appropriate ‘permissions’ to add and edit events on this website for any members of this site!

If or when you would like some help creating your first event, please send a message to @admin.


Newsletter signup!Occasionally we would like to send you some family news updates, like for the up-coming 2021 Family Reunion details, contest winners and a maybe celebrate a birthday or two 😉